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    Nasty Poo


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    Nasty Poo

    Post  Siam on Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:26 pm

    Willie has always had nasty poo, is is pretty soft and very smelly, it was before raw and is still now. Some days they seem like they are more solid than others but on the whole they are pretty bad. He is not on all raw, I am considering making that leap soon if I can find a successful way to get more organ into him (Kelly gave me a good idea which I'll be trying tonight). Do you think this will help his poop or do you think some cats just have bad poops? Has anyone fed half raw (half dry) and then later gone to all raw? Were there changes between half raw and all raw?

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    Re: Nasty Poo

    Post  Kelly on Fri May 01, 2009 11:07 am

    We fed half canned half raw with kibble for 'emergencies'.

    If we fed an emerg. kibble meal more than once in 24hrs they had the nastiest, runniest, awful poops. Cleared the house they were so bad. I almost DIED. A few times of that, and we just gave all the kibble in the house away. Srsly.

    Two things I would do for your boy:

    1) Make the switch.

    2) Offer him a ground food with lots of BONE MEAL in it (I believe you can buy this locally or order online). The bone meal will keep things solid and less smelly, and it's a good way for cats to keep getting their bone (ours sometimes eat bones, sometimes don't.. giving them ground chicken w/80% bone is the only way we can be sure they get enough to keep things solid).


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