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    Breakfast solutions


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    Breakfast solutions

    Post  Siam on Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:33 pm

    I am thinking about making the change from half raw to all raw for Willie soon but still have some concerns/complications. One is leaving for school in the morning. I wake up at 6:00am and leave at 6:45 (occasionally I get to leave much later so those days would be no problem but these days are much less common). I am not sure if 45 minutes (even less because I'll take a few minutes to get up and get out the food plus a few minutes to clean up before 6:45 when I leave) is enough time for the cat to eat and I am afraid to leave him alone with any raw food that he could potentially choke on no matter how unlikely. Anyone have any ideas? Do you think 45 minutes is enough? Or do you think I should stop worrying about leaving him alone with his food? Perhaps a third option is possible. I was thinking about putting the raw out in the morning, leaving it for the 45 minutes and then putting it in the fridge and maybe bringing it out for a lunch meal. Do you think that would work? My only worry would be he might get hungry before I get home and snatch some of Neko's breakfast (kibble)but I don't think he'd get too much, Neko finishes his breakfast fairly quickly.

    What do you all think? Any better ideas?

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    Re: Breakfast solutions

    Post  Kelly on Fri May 01, 2009 11:01 am

    To be honest, we dont worry about the cats choking so much as the dogs.

    I know, it's still a danger, but they could as easily choke on kibble, and we often free feed that!

    Maybe to soothe your nerves you could serve a well chopped meal of meat in the AM and the chewy stuff at night. Smile We still feed ground meat as well as chunks, whatever we get for free.

    Our AM routine is this:

    Up at 8:30
    Feed cats chunks
    Let birds out
    Bathroom time: potty, dressed, brush, etc
    Take dogs for walk
    Feed dogs
    Eat breakfast
    Out by 9:10

    Auntie Crazy

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    Re: Breakfast solutions

    Post  Auntie Crazy on Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:20 pm

    Forty-five minutes is more than enough time for Willie to eat, Siam. My cats never take more than ten minutes to finish their meals, unless it's something they're not really keen on eating.

    In those instances, I generally just leave the food out until the next meal. Even when it's a bony dinner, I don't worry about choking issues.

    I think you'd be fine with which-ever option you're most comfortable with.

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    Re: Breakfast solutions

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