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    Post  doghouse on Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:22 pm

    Okay, I want to try to do something here that is effective.
    Pleeeeease help me.

    My vet wants to see some proof of this, "so called diet". I am no research scientist so,
    I thought I could compile some evidence.

    I am asking that anyone who feeds raw diet-prey model to dogs or cats, please email me with the follow information.

    For facts sake but keep privacy, if you could include your first name only and location.
    -type of animal
    -how many
    -how long it has been eating raw
    -health issues (some or none)
    -types of food, diet is made up of
    -how much and how often

    I am going to attempt to reach all the sites I know of so far and hopefully I can come up with a woping amount of feeders.

    Please send to:

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    Post  Timothea on Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:55 am

    okay, I WON'T cross post it here, I see you already did!!!

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    Post  Heather on Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:59 pm

    I'm not really sure why you are asking for "proof." You can feed your dogs whatever the heck you want and don't need to explain or get approval from ANYONE. My vet isn't pro-raw and in fact makes her diagnosis based on her extreme ignorance which always comes back to "that raw diet you're feeding." So I fired her and found a new vet. Unless your vet is actually WANTING to learn, there's no need whatsoever to provide any explanation of the diet you feed. Nutrition is optional in vet school and it's taught by Science Diet reps.

    Click my signature blog link and copy down all the Getting Started links for your vet. He can do his own research IF learning is his motive.

    FWIW, I'm just going to post my info here.

    Heather, O'Fallon MO USA

    type of animal? dog and cat

    how many? one of each

    age? 5 years and 2 years

    how long it has been eating raw? Amos, dog- 3 years & Waverli, cat- since 4.5 weeks old

    health issues (some or none)? Amos has severe grain and suspected potato allergies that is 100% controlled with a prey model diet. No one would ever guess he has allergies as bad as he does because there is no indication.

    types of food, diet is made up of? venison, rabbit, squirrel, duck, goose, dove, chicken, pork, beef, rats, mice, guinea pigs, quail (Waverli eats the whole prey), sardines/anchovies, other types of fish, mutton, goat

    how much and how often of? Waverli eats until she's full once a day and Amos gets fed once a day, amount based on activity and current body conditon.. anywhere from a few ounces to a few pounds

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    Post  Kelly on Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:39 pm

    Kelly - Ontario, Canada

    -type of animal: 4 cats (2 2yrs-1 4yrs-1 15yrs), 2 dogs (3yrs & 6yrs)

    -how long it has been eating raw: cats 1+ yr approx for the cats (all switched at once), 3 yr old dog 9mths and the 6yr old 2mths

    -health issues (some or none): 15 yo cat obesity- fixed now/4yr old cat-obesity fixed now/3yr old dog rotting teeth-clean now/6yr old dog OBESE and tooth gross-slimming down and getting cleaner

    -types of food, diet is made up of: mainly beef/lamb, with chicken/turkey/rabbit/goat/venison/mice as others. 80% muscle/10%bone/10% organ (5%liver/5%other)

    -how much and how often: cats get 4-5oz a day split between two meals, 3yr old dog is 5lbs and gets 2-3oz per day split in two meals, 6yr old dog is overweight at 16lbs and gets 3-4oz split between 2 meals

    There. Although, I honestly don't believe this will help convince your vet. THB, I would stop trying to convince him... as others have said, if he WANTED to learn, he'd do research himself. I think he's trying to make you jump hoops hoping he can show you how wrong you are. Ass (him not you).

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