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    mini - moos!


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    Post  Giselle on Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:30 pm

    Kewel! wonder if the bones would be more edible, since they're about 1/2 the size of normal size cattle?

    want some!


    AGRICULTURE: Mini moos are en vogue
    2009 June 20
    tags: Agriculture, Grass Fed Beef, Grass Fed Cattle, Grass Fed Milk, Home Meat Production, Home Milk Production, Lilliputian Cattle, Miniature Cattle, Miniature Cattle Breeds, Miniature Cattle For Sale, Raw Milk
    by Buck Denton
    mini - moos! 2805229010_e0813fa0e0-400x300
    Miniature CattleMiniature cattle are popular because of their small size, ability to provide high-quality tender meat, and raw milk fans use these miniature cattle for home milk production.

    Learn more about miniture cattle breeds at the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry, INC. More from Macleans.ca:

    Richard Gradwohl, of the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Society and Registry, in Covington, Wash. has seen a 25 per cent increase worldwide in miniature cattle year over year during the past 15 years. Despite its big-sky, red-meat reputation, Alberta is the centre of the movement in Canada, with perhaps half of the country’s Dexter population and the first restaurant to serve exclusively Dexter beef—Apples, in Bashaw, an hour and a half northeast of Red Deer.

    Mini-cow breeds weigh between 500 and 700 pounds, about half the size of regular breeds, and are either bred down from Hereford, Holstein, Jersey or Angus lines or, like the dual-purpose Dexter breed—good for both milk and beef—are naturally tiny.

    A recent explosion in small hobby farms catering to niche markets helped boost their appeal even prior to the economic downturn, as did growing concern over food safety, sustainability and the environmental footprint of beef. Fans of raw milk are more and more turning to mini-cows to produce their own; the efficiency can be startling: a Holstein-Jersey miniature cross will eat a third of what a larger dairy cow will but produce two-thirds the milk. In the U.S., mini-cows are more and more popular as pets, particularly among women.

    Enthusiasts, meanwhile, extol the excellent quality of the meat, which is said to be more tender. “They taste like good beef,” says Hykaway, a retired electrician who has 45 head at Tandria Dexters, just east of Fort Saskatchewan. “Because a lot of us aren’t using grain, they have that nice distinct grass taste.”mini - moos! F

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    Post  steviesun on Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:18 am

    Oh dear, I've just added to the list of livestock I want when I've got some pasture! So if I'm reading this right - these cattle are Dexter crosses? I wonder if they're easier to handle than pure bred dexters?

    According to the dexter cattle society:
    "The Dexter breed is the smallest British breed of cattle. It is a dual-purpose breed, with the average weight of a cow being some 300 - 350 Kg's and standing 92cm - 107cm at the shoulder."

    "The breed is early maturing. Beef of excellent quality and flavour, with good marbling, can be produced economically. Dexter steers can finish on grass at 20 -24 months of age without supplementary feeding, with average carcase weights of between 145 - 220 Kg's. Because their good meat to bone ratio, a killing-out percentage of over 56% can be achieved."

    That sounds still a little heavy for edible bone. But it sounds like a dexter or their crosses should produce beef that doesn't need to be fed concentrates to fatten them for the table making them still a fantastic meaty meaty option.

    Oh if these are going to be easier to handle than the goats I want one day then I think I'd rather the dexters. Got to buy that lottery ticket so I can afford the pasture first . . .

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    Post  Kelly on Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:34 am

    Gah, I should convince my mom to raise them! We've got about an acre of pasture...

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    Post  Giselle on Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:21 pm

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