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    My Cats



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    My Cats

    Post  furryfriends50 on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:17 pm

    Mikey - he is one of the two housecats and finally ate his first bite of raw yesterday Very Happy

    Milo - Milo has CRF and is 13 years old. He is the other of the two housecats. He is also apparently part buffalo or rhino...he will ram into our doors in the house at full speed with his head to open them. Silly cat, that has to hurt you'd think. When he is getting fluids he is probably the wimpiest cat there is, he will cry, growl, and hiss the whole time only to walk away afterwards like nothing happened Laughing

    Alaska - I found her and her siblings dumped on the side of the road a few years ago. I couldn't just leave them there so i took them to the farm. She is all white and right now is in love with Nightmare, another one of the farm cats. She normally will wait for me to get to the farm, but now has convinced Nightmare to stay with her and wait. I am not Nightmare's favorite person in the world, especially after he got fixed. Apparently Alaska is very good at persuading other cats to do stuff they don't want too.

    Abby - probably the most grumpy cat i have. she and alaska do not get along at all and have to eat at seperate ends of the barn from eachother. She if friendly to me if i have food for her, but if i don't have any she knows it and won't let me get close.

    Nightmare - Alaska's boyfriend. However he is about the exact opposite looking of alaska. He is a longhaired black cat with some very long black hair around his neck. He has never forgiven me for trapping him and going to get him fixed.

    Shadow - he is the cat with probably the lowest status among the farm cats. He will always eat last, probably the others don't permit him to eat any food till they are full. Because of him i will always make sure that the group of cats he is waiting for to get their food get extra's so he can have his fill. He is feral and doesn't appreciate it if i try to give him extra food off by himself.

    Blizzard - Blizzard looks like a siamese cat. He is the cat that most loves raw and will carry off a turkey drumstick for himself if he gets the chance. Like he really needs that much, but oh well. He no longer accepts any dry food as being food Very Happy

    Chester - very long haired grey cat and he is one of the tamest cats at the farm. His favorite food is beef steak which they don't get that often because to be able to get it i have to find it on sale. Chester is probably the biggest cat at the farm, though maybe it is just because of his fur that makes him look big. He is friends with Amiga, who is the smallest cat. Abby is his mother.

    Jack - He is a black shorthair cat and is Chester's brother. He LOVES canned food but doesn't care to much for raw unless of course it is a piece that someone else is eating and he gets to steal it. He has feline herpes so one of his eyes is really wierd looking. I try to get him to have lysine every night but he doesn't really like to get it. Okay, he doesn't like to get his lysine at all, even if i hide it in food.

    Haddie - Haddie is a longhaired brown/black tabby. She will sit on the container of dry food waiting for me to give her a piece. She is Chester and Jack's sister.

    Crystal - A shorthair gray/silver tabby who loves to eat any meat she can find. If there is any extra meat and she finds it, it disappears fast. She is somewhat stuck up but gets away with it. She only will permit getting petted if she chooses. If she doesn't want to get petted, to bad for you if you even try when she doesn't feel like getting petted. She is chester, jack, and haddie's sister.

    Jill - A long haired grey and white cat, she is chester, jack, haddie, and crystal's sister. She has herpes that affects both her eyes but she will eat lysine as a treat so it is easy to keep it under control.

    Amiga - she is the tiniest cat at the farm and has to get penicillin shots every month else she gets a really bad cold. She is also the most friendly cat but does not like to get held. Petted, but not held. She LOVES dry food but they don't get much at all.

    THen all the others (there are 26 cats but 6 are barely ever around). I don't have time right now to say who each of them is though.

    Everyone is eating almost all RAW now.
    Auntie Crazy

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    Re: My Cats

    Post  Auntie Crazy on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:41 pm

    WOW, talk about a clowder! *grin!* (I always wanted to use that word LOL!)

    How awesome that you're taking wonderful care of all these cats. Especially in taking the time to ensure they get the best nutrition available. Serious kudos to you!

    Can you get pics of any of them? Chester and Nightmare sound beautiful.

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    Re: My Cats

    Post  furryfriends50 on Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:37 am

    I made videos of them the last few nights. the only way to get a clear video of them is to have them eating, so here they are eating their raw meal.


    this is a video but it is really short, i have never been able to get a good picture of Nightmare so here he is:


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    Re: My Cats

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