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    Slacking on what I feed (and what I plan on doing about it)


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    Slacking on what I feed (and what I plan on doing about it) Empty Slacking on what I feed (and what I plan on doing about it)

    Post  steviesun on Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:07 am

    I have been completely slacking on what I feed since I started my new job.

    1) we've been getting given duck rather than chicken carcasses, which Saxen doesn't like

    2) the mince from the farm shop is such a good price, low on bone and organ and full of good grass raised red meat, that it's been getting fed over the ox heart in the freezer

    3) the ox heart is also still sitting in the freezer (I managed to get about 8 for 63p/kg from thw wholesaler) (there's three still in the freezer) because of, oddly, the difficulty in getting affordable bone-in stuff.

    Chicken around me is about £1.99/k, maybe down to £1.77/kg. I've been buying a slab or two of lamb breast a week but it's £1.50/slab. I have in the last six weeks bought chicken though, plus been given a pork trotter, found a roadkill rabbit or two. I just get annoyed at looking at prices up to £4/kg for "cheap" bone-in stuff in the supermarket and even £1.50/slab begins to hurt when you're used to bone-in stuff being cheaper than the "bulk"/meat of the diet. Plus it hurts now with the price of petrol, the fact I spend 5 days a week doing a roughly 30 mile round trip each of those days, and that the time I get home from work I don't have much energy left for hunting bargains.

    4) I've been feeding less organ since I've been feeding less bone because a neighbour has often been walking Saxen for us when we've both been at work, and whilst I'm not too bothered by runny poos I think it might disturb someone who's doing us a favour for free.

    So I have a few options to follow up on:
    - pay the extra, I've been getting some bargains on things like the ox heart, now I'm working I should just figure on paying more
    - talk to the farm shop about what they can offer that is a bit more affordable, such as maybe more pork like knuckle (still not cheap), tail, head, and maybe some beef gullet, or cow heel, or maybe some pork neck or shoulder.
    - recheck the Lis List and rethink about whether there's anything on there I can give a try

    I suspect that I will be combining all three. Just to figure my new budget (it was £1/kg on average) and start relooking at the Lis List. I shall report back (oh I have already contacted a local pest control company about rabbits from them (they shoot the rabbits they kill rather than poison) and got in contact with a farm that sell direct to the customer about whether they have a farmshop).

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