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    Post  RoughCollies on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:46 am

    I just switched my Whippet onto a RAW diet. He is still getting some kibble as I need his stomach to be able to handle it just in case.

    Anyway, thus far he is on just chicken with a little yogurt and was doing great. He had drumsticks and leg quarters. He gulps it down though, bone and all if I cut it. If I leave it whole, he carries it around. I can't have him carrying raw meat around the house or gulping large chunks of bone. He threw up everything he ate for two whole days when I tried cutting it up. Feeding him in his crate is not a great option either as it's hard to get in and clean it out. He also holds it in his paws, making his paws in need of cleaning.

    It's a dilemma. I can't keep him on kibble full time. He poops constantly on kibble. Even the higher end stuff. And buying premade raw just isn't going to work. Way too expensive. I want to make it myself anyway as that way I can control what he eats. I'm hoping to add some new meat sources in his diet but want to figure out this first. Meat isn't cheap out here and I haven't found a good source yet.

    My RC, Faith, does this, too. My Collies only get raw a few times a week until I find a good source to get inexpensive meats. But I have to hand feed her each piece because she inhales it. Even the larger pieces. I've tried all sizes you could imagine. I don't have a meat grinder and can't get one at the moment. She inhales her kibble, too though. They all eat (raw and kibble) from stainless steal bloat bowls made to slow feeding down, too.

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    Post  Kelly on Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:46 pm

    Have you tried leaving it frozen? Or if you have really bad gulpers, a few people I know have resorted to giving WHOLE chickens and just taking it away when it's half done.

    Gulpers are the worst! I would probably put him in a closed off area (bathroom? baby gates? xpen?) and wait until he finishes the meal.

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