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    7 cats on raw-have a question...


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    7 cats on raw-have a question... Empty 7 cats on raw-have a question...

    Post  weeshan on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:36 pm

    Hi all!

    New to the forum and my 7 cats and 2 dogs are new to raw. I researched raw for 3 years before taking the plunge so I have gleaned info from nearly every website and have learned a lot. Prior to feeding raw, all of my animals were fed ultra premium, grain free diets with the highest protein levels and the least amounts of veggies/fruits. Even so, they are doing much better on raw and no longer have the diarrhea issues associated with the kibble they were eating.

    Although these last couple of weeks feeding raw have been great overall, I just have one question. One of my kitties, a 6 month old neutered male acts as if he is STARVING all of the time. I give him an amount appropriate to his size (3% of his body weight per day)but he wolfs his portion in less than a minute. I know he is getting enough because he has put on weight the last couple of weeks even though he didnt need to gain weight...this is because he steals the raw from the other animals and so is getting larger portions than he should. I have had to quarantine him in a bathroom while the rest eat. Then when we let him out, he spends all of his time jumping up on counters (a no no in our house) searching for more food.

    Is this normal behavior when switching from kibble to raw? Could it just be that he was so accustomed to being free fed kibble that he now feels as if he has to eat constantly? We have only been doing raw for 2 weeks. If he is putting on more weight than he should, feeding him more doesnt seem to be the solution. I am worried about him though since he seems to think he is starving (he is crying in the kitchen as we speak and he was just fed an hour ago). He has recently been wormed and had a fecal done so parasites are not an issue. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!


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