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    Cat isn't eating normal!


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    Cat isn't eating normal! Empty Cat isn't eating normal!

    Post  TurtleDurdle on Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:43 am

    I have a 11/2 year old spayed female who has been eating raw for almost 6th. I switched her to raw she she started getting sick off of every trying food I got her. Since being on raw she has made a huge improvement such as gaining weight (at a year old she was 4.5th ish pounds now she is I think 8-10 pounds) her coat is very thick full shiny and soft.
    I make her a mixture of 75% ground beef 25% ground chicken with pumpkin and additional vitamins. At first She would eat about 2nd heaping tablespoons morning and 3rd heaping tablespoons night. She has slowly been eating less so I figured it was her body trying to get better after being sick for so long. The last month and half has been one heaping table spoon morning and two at night. The last four ish days has been a couple nibbled here and there. It is worrying me. Anything I can do to encourage her eating again?
    My turtle cat is my baby and it make me worry when she doesn't eat

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