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    Allergies- Looking for alternate meat sources


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    Allergies- Looking for alternate meat sources Empty Allergies- Looking for alternate meat sources

    Post  melissan1133 on Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:36 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I have recently switched my 10 year old shih tzu to raw, due to years of allergies, itching, excessive licking and skin problems.
    Due to a suspected allergy to chicken, we did things a little different than most and started him with Bison (ground whole meal with bone, liver, meat etc...). He seems to be doing well on that, so after 2 weeks we decided to introduce turkey, in the form of a turkey neck (as I wanted him to have RMB). That evening and all through the night, he was itching like crazy, so I suspect a turkey allergy. Without being able to give him turkey and chicken, what are some good alternative RBM's that are fairly easy to find? He is a small dog and a bit of a gulper, so really wanting to be careful and ensure soft bones for him.


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