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    Help sick dog - putting himself on raw?!!!


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    Help sick dog - putting himself on raw?!!! Empty Help sick dog - putting himself on raw?!!!

    Post  mk4201 on Thu May 21, 2015 12:49 pm


    I am Sam and my dog is Coco, Yorkie almost 9 yo weighing 13 lb. He has been fed home cooked since  puppy, mostly meats and little veggies. A few days ago he stopped eating and was barely drinking. Took to vet yesterday and told to put him on canned dog food and hospitalize him for 2-3 days. Brought home instead for $$ and concerns about what could happen to him in the course of those days.

    In desperation this morning, I threw a raw short beef rib bone down and he began to devour it. I quickly googled this might not be a good bone for a little dog, so switched it out (he didn't want me to take it!!!) for a 1/2 raw chicken leg and he devoured that and barked for more. Then gave another entire leg and there is nothing left. He is waiting by his crate for more and drinking normally.

    I am baffled,  pleased and scared all at once. How to proceed?

    Thank you for any general guidance and insight,

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