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    First order of rats


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    First order of rats

    Post  Heather on Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:33 am

    I just picked up my RP order today of more 3 week quail and a new one- L rats. I asked Casey if I could get all white ones because I'm not too fond of feeding patterned animals (I tend to get even more upset because "this one has a heart shape patch!" etc) and he said to let them know when I ordered. I forgot. And what do I have in my order when I opened the box? About 1/3 black hoodeds. Sad I'm feeding PEWs now so I can desensitize myself for when I have to cut it open and take out the stomach and intestines. It's not an issue that would ever stop me from feeding whole prey but I would just rather not be able to have any identifying marks on the animals I'm feeding. Does anyone else have these issues? I've even had pet PEW mice and rats before but I don't get upset feeding those types.


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    Re: First order of rats

    Post  Kelly on Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:32 pm

    Woo rats!

    As a former rattie/mouse owner, I also wondered how I could manage. At first, when I tried the mice from PetSmart I would pick out specifically brown only packages. Figured the wilder they looked, the easier it would be.

    The mice I get now are all sorts, and I find I do fine.

    On the rats, I still with the mice have to just repeat in my head "Just like eating a cute chicken". In reality, it's just nature.. it's beautiful, even when it's sad. Thanking the little guys seems to help ease my mind, even if it is weird.. they are helping keep my family healthy, and for that I thank them. Better than just dying needlessly.

    The other day, I pulled out one of my two juv rabbits (still furred! eek!), I had forgotten I had bought two.. and the first was brown/wild looking, the second.. black and white spotty. Instead of sad-face, I turned to the SO and squee'd "Look Honey! It's so cute!". Odd looks, that's what I got all night. Laughing


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