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    This ever happen to any of you?


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    This ever happen to any of you?

    Post  Timothea on Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:54 pm

    Charlotte got some calf's feet today, absolutely loves them. They bone that is left looks just like a wreck bone, and it's really small, but it has a space in it, so instead of being a closed circle, it is like a C.

    Charlotte got one of her back teeth stuck in this bone, and was gagging on it. I pulled it out, and gave it back to her, and she stuck it in the same way on the same side about half a minute later. I got it out again, but this time didn't give it back to her, there wasn't anything left but bone, and it was too small for her. Wouldn't have been a problem for a little dog, but I will NEVER leave her unattended with a bone EVER, after this.

    It was hard to calm her enough to get at the bone, she was whipping her head around, and pawing at her face, but I grabbed her and just forced my hand in her mouth to take it out. I now have a big gash on my hand, those teeth are sharp, but my dog is okay! I don't know if I'll give her the rest of the hooves, they really are too small for her.

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    Re: This ever happen to any of you?

    Post  Heather on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:10 pm

    I've had Waverli get a piece of soft bone stuck on her canines and sometimes if she's eating a flat bone it sticks to her top teeth and I have to push in and down on her top lips to get it dislodged.


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    Re: This ever happen to any of you?

    Post  Kelly on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:11 pm

    This can definately be a scary thing! I am so glad your baby is okay, and what a good mommy to get cut just to save her. I would have done the same!

    I think any thing should be watched when eaten, until they've had it a few times and you know how it does down. That said, I would NEVER give and leave the house.. but I do feed and wander the house getting ready for work. There are many tiny bones/pieces/etc we don't know about in animals and there is always a risk something will get stuck/etc.

    However, as long as you are diligent, I do believe you could feed her those again.. just make sure when she gets close to being done you take it away. Or possibly remove the piece, if possible.


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    Re: This ever happen to any of you?

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