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    Code of Conduct

    Post  Alex on Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:55 pm

    What forum wouldn't be complete without this? Ok folks, here's a basic overview of our CoC.

    First of all, this is intended to be a more or less family-safe and workplace-safe forum. If for some reason you feel a post of yours may potentially be not safe, please indicate this in the subject-line (ie - NSFW, PG13+, graphic content, etc.).

    Also, while debate is allowed, flaming will not be accepted. I don't have much tolerance at all for such drama, and since we're trying to keep this reasonably family-safe, if any flaming incidents are noticed (and yes we will investigate reported incidents of flaming to see if they qualify), a warning will be issued to the individual(s) responsible and the thread may be locked or deleted. Repeated offences will result in forum access for the offender being restricted/terminated, and of course the locking or deletion of the affected thread(s).

    Also, as this site is for the discussion of feeding your pets a diet of food that they would naturally eat (for instance, in the wild, as opposed to processed foods), please do not join or post if all you have to say is negative and or derogatory towards raw foods. Geniune inquiry (and even natural skepticism) is acceptable, but negative and derogatory posts towards raw diets will meet with the same response and consequences as flaming.

    Other than that, please try to keep the language as clean as possible. While we do understand that the occasional curse may slip out (some words have already been filtered out anyways), please try to restrict your usage of them. Intentionally circumventing the prefiltered words (F-word and the like) by inserting spaces and/or substituting/subtracting a letter or two will again merit the same response and consequences as mentioned regarding flaming.

    With all that being said, please feel free to discuss just about anything in regards to feeding your pets a more natural diet!

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