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    12 week old Rescued Choc Lab/German Shepard is now starting to turn away from RAW


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    12 week old Rescued Choc Lab/German Shepard is now starting to turn away from RAW

    Post  cybrslug on Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:13 pm


    New to the forum and have lots of questions and ideas. My wife and I adopted a Choc Lab/ German Shepard mix from a rescue kennel. We have been feeding him raw from almost day 1. We have a raw dog food pantry in Burien. Wa near where I work so I am able to purchase freshly ground raw food for our puppy Benny. Recently Benny has been reluctant to eat his food, I didn't pay it much mind at first figuring that he would eat when he was hungry. Well after 2 days of not eating, I cooked the raw Duck and he ate it all.

    I started thinking and realized that I had been giving him his BFast right from the fridge, and that maybe he did not like it cold so this morning I warmed it rather then cooking it too see if that made an difference. It did not! He is licking his food rather then mouthing it and he is not eating much if any before he walks away. Again, he has been eating raw for sometime, but I should have been keeping better track as to the protein type he has been favoring.

    I know for sure he has eaten Duck, but the recent protein he has been reluctant to is a Duck and Veggie stew blend. This got a friend of mine at work thinking! Benny is a Chocolate Lab, his ancestry has been breed to retrieve water fowl, not eat them. This may explain his hesitance to eating it and also why he seems to lap at rather the bite the food. If the is the case, then the fact that he is part Germany Shepard may keep him from eating herded animals such as Lamb.

    In the fridge I currently have Duck, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Tripe and am wondering which one I should try next. I would love to get opinions as to whether others believe that a dogs domesticated breeding can effect the natural instinct to eat certain meats and also if is is preferring cooked over raw, if I warm it enough to bring out the flavors and smell, will I be destroying the nutritional values of the raw food?

    Your help is much appreciated

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